How To Make Computer Faster – Easy Steps

How to make computer faster? There are several ways to make computer faster again and I am going to share to you my experiences on how I made my friend’s computer faster. Below are steps that I suggest you should implement to make your computer faster as well as making it safe from threats.

Steps to Make Computer Faster

STEP 1: Make Computer Faster by Upgrading RAM

If the RAM of your computer is less than 1gb, I really do suggest that you add more RAM. I suggest you go for 2gb of RAM and it will really have a great impact in improving the speed of your computer. Why? When you run/open a program, the CPU of your computer will look for the needed files to be able to process and run the program you want to open. Normally, the needed files are stored in your computer’s RAM, but if your RAM’s memory space are less than 1gb and there are a lot of applications/programs running on your computer then there will be not enough memory on your computer’s RAM to store those needed files, so your CPU will have to go to your hard disk and it will take time for it to find those files needed to run those applications you’re running.  I’m already making this too long so the point is if you’re RAM is less than 1gb, upgrade to 2gb RAM.

Step2:  Make Computer Faster by Removing Computer Viruses

Another factor that’s making computer running slow is because of computer viruses. Now, I really suggest that you use Kaspersky Anti-Virus, even Microsoft is recommending it. Click on this link to download Kaspersky Antivirus, choose Kaspersky Anti Virus 2014 and click “FreeTrial”. Take this opportunity to try out Kaspersky antivirus for 30days for free and it’s also a good investment to buy as it will protect your computer from harmful threats that may cost you more money in the future. So, once you’ve download it, scan your pc and delete the viruses it has found.

Step3: Make Computer Faster by Minimizing Startup Programs

I prefer this method as it will also help the startup time once you’ve turned on your computer. Let me explain how this method helps make computer faster. Normally we install programs and applications in our computer. Time to time, it just keeps building up. Sometimes or even maybe most of the times, those programs and applications will automatically run once you’ve start your computer. So the programs are running in the background that makes your computer slow. I hope you get the idea. Please follow these on how to minimize startup programs.

Click Start > type in “msconfig” (w/out quotation) > press Enter and Continue > Click “Startup” tab

Once you’ve done it, you’ll be seeing that’s similar to this picture:


Uncheck those programs that you don’t want to run on the startup. For example you have Skype installed on your computer. You notice that when you start your computer, Skype will automatically run as well. So you can uncheck the box when you see Skype under “Startup Item”. Don’t worry because you still can open Skype without having problems by just double clicking the Skype Icon commonly found on your desktop screen. The more programs you uncheck, the more improvements for your computer to be faster.

Note: DO NOT Uncheck the box for your Antivirus. Leave your Antivirus CHECKED because we need the antivirus to always run and protect our computer. Also don’t uncheck the programs that you’re not sure of what program it is. Like me, when I see Microsoft, I don’t know what program is that, so I just leave it checked to be safe.

Step 4: Make Computer Faster by Using Tools like “Speed Up my Pc”

Most of the time, computer errors & invalid files are lurking in our computer. This can cause computer crashes that will slow down system performance. This tool will help locate & eliminate errors that’s making computer to slow. Some benefits you can get from this tool:

  • Free PC Diagnostic Scan
  • Maximise PC Performance
  • Gain Disk Space
  • Faster Internet Browsing
  • Simple To Use, 100% Automated

Click here to get a free instant scan using this tool.

Those are some ways on making computer faster. I hope it answers your question on how to make computer faster.